strollers running up a hill
strollers running up a hill
Designed for Moms - Tough enough for Dads™
Designed for Moms - Tough enough for Dads™

Winter class time change

8:30 class will not be held from Dec 1 - Feb 28 2017.  It will be by appointment only - meaning if your schedule needs an earlier class time please notify the instructor at least the night before and you will be accomodated! :)  


Make Iron Moms your New Years resolution this year with our 3 month health and fitness challenge.  Starting Jan 9th each participant will take a standard fitness test, a weight and bmi test, given a food journal, and general/personalized goals*.
Progress will be tracked each month, each week will have a fun mini-challenge, and every day will be a step towards your healthier 2017.  Resolutions fail from lack of accountability - IRON WILL will motivate you through challenges and friendship to follow through with your promise to yourself.
Prizes will be awarded in April for accomplishing goals, most improved, most weight lost, and most active.  Points can be earned through attendance, mini challenges, & improved test scores*.
There are no additional fees for this program.  Participants pay $165 for 5 days of classes a week for 3 months- due by Jan 9 2016.  Participants will receive a free tank top (worth $15) and free bumper sticker ($2) with their payment.  If you want to join Iron Moms this January without participating in the IRON WILL NEW YEARS RESOLUTION normal class fees apply.  Daily instruction is the same for everyone but non-participants will not have their progress tracked.  

New moms still get a free week to try out Iron Moms- but payment for IRON WILL is due by the 4th!  


*Details are subject to change before Jan 9.

Police and Fire Dept appreciation

As a thank you to our community protectors and their families- spouses of police or fire department now enjoy a permanently discounted monthly rate of $35.  

What is Iron Moms?

Iron moms is an outdoor, stroller friendly, exercise program for women, moms, and moms-to-be looking for a fun and challenging workout where children are welcome.  Aside from energetic workouts, we host free monthly after-class playgroups, participate in local races and fun runs, and plan monthly moms night out activities.


Come try it out, your first week is free!



The last Friday of each month, Iron Moms hosts a free yoga class during regular class times.  Class is held next to the playground, kids are welcome to participate or play!   All you need is a towel or mat!

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