strollers running up a hill
strollers running up a hill
Designed for Moms - Tough enough for Dads™
Designed for Moms - Tough enough for Dads™

Frequently asked questions

How do I join?

No appointment needed, just show up!  Though, it is appreciated if you drop a note in our contacts form or send a message through our facebook page - letting the instructor know you're coming!  Your first day it is helpful to show up about 10 minutes early to sign our waivers and fill out a short health history screening.

What is different about Iron Moms?

Iron Moms is for mothers who are more serious about their fitness.  Mothers that want to strengthen their bodies, improve their cardiovascular endurance, and challenge themselves will feel right at home.  Iron Moms is a long term fitness program designed by a certified instructor with the goal of constantly challenging and improving its participants in a beautiful environment!

Is Iron Moms right for me?

Do you want to exercise but feel more comfortable keeping your children with you?

Do you want to set a health and wellness example for your children?

Do you want an exercise program that will continue to challenge you?

Do you want the option to pay month by month instead of committing to a contract?

Do you prefer to be lead by a certified trainer?

Do you need the accountability of a set time and place to motivate you to exercise?

Do your kids love to play outside?

Do you want to meet other local moms and children in a supportive and fun environment?

I am not a mom/ my children are in school / my children are grown, can I still participate?

Yes of course!  Children do not need to attend.


I am pregnant, is working out safe?

If your doctor has cleared you the exercises we do are safe for pregnant mothers of all gestational ages.  If there are activities you cannot do safely or do not feel comfortable with the instructors will always have less strenuous alternatives.


I am breastfeeding and read that exercise will negatively impact the nutrition of my milk, is that true?

Recent studies have shown that only very strenuous exercise regimes will impact breastmilk.  


What do I need to bring?

*A water resistant blanket or yoga mat for ground work

*5, 8, or 10 lb dumbells

*a jumprope


*Because running is not always on pavement it is recommened that you have a running stroller with a lockable swivel wheel, though a normal walking stroller would be acceptable if you do not wish to run.  For their safety, children must remain seated in the stroller during class times.

*If you do not bring a stroller: a tight fitting backpack for carrying your mat, weights, rope, and water is recommended.

Forget something?  Don't sweat it, instructors carry spare equipment!


It's hot! Are outdoor workouts safe?

Classes are held in the morning before temperatures have a chance to really ramp up, but instructors will constantly remind you to drink water,  and most exercises will be kept in the shade. It is recommended that you bring a small, battery operated clip fan for children and a hand towel for yourself.  You are going to sweat, might as well Earn Your Shower!


What kind of workout can I expect?

Classes start with a 5 minute light stretching warm up.  During this time moms will introduce themselves and attendance will be taken.

Jumprope,  1/4mile run or 1/8mile walk, burpees, squats, presses, curls, sprints, mountain climbers, lunges, etc.  Special attention is paid to each routine to keep balance between opposing muscle groups to prevent injury.  Expect to work on endurance, strength, speed, and flexibility.  We travel throughout the park to keep things interesting for momma and babies.


What if my child needs my attention? 

If your child needs attention please feel free to take as long as you feel is necessary to console them.   For the safety of all children we ask that children stay under parental control at all times during class.  This means either in a stroller, worn in a baby-wearing carrier, or held by a parent.  


I can't run/jump/I have a previous injury

All exercises are scaleable and each traveling route has a run or walk option. However we do move around the park so if walking 200 meters across grass is not an option for you, Iron Moms will not be a good program for you.  Instructors will give you easier (or harder) versions of all the exercises.  If you cannot do a certain exercise an alternative is always available!  


Under what circumstances would classes be cancelled?

At this time, weather related cancellations will result in a LIVE class held on the Iron Moms Facebook Page.  This class will be held at 9:30 am. 

The only time class is totally cancelled is by instructor inavailabilty (Contagiously sick or unavoidable appointments)  We don't cancel lightly!





Your Instructor

Kathleen Leo

Favorite Quote: "Last one: BEST one!"


*ACSM certified group instructor

*Adult/child/infant CPR AED certified


After suffering from a compression fracture in my spine while on the Ball State University track team in 2002, I took nearly 11 years off from the active lifestyle.  It wasn't until joining a similar mother-centric workout group in Savannah GA that my love for athletics was reawakened.  With the encouragement and training, I received from the instructors and my friends I was able to run my first 5k, 10k, and half marathon, and a sprint duathlon in 2015.  It is my goal to nurture friendship, encouragement, and a strong support system to Iron Moms, as well as planning fun, butt-kicking (carving!) workouts.


My inspirations are my 2 children, nicknamed 80 and LB.  80 was born prematurely and lives with cerebral palsy.  He inspires me daily.  Whenever I let myself believe that a workout hurts too much or that I'm tired and want to give up, I think about how much work and concentration he has had to put in to do tasks that I find simple.  He encourages me to stop whining and push myself further and faster.  LB is my youngest and her big beautiful brown eyes are always watching me!  She inspires me to show her what strength women have, to not make excuses, and to work hard to achieve your goals.


Our family is prior military.  We returned home to Houston after 10 years and 3 deployments.




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