strollers running up a hill
strollers running up a hill
Designed for Moms - Tough enough for Dads™
Designed for Moms - Tough enough for Dads™


Kathleen Leo


*ACSM certified group instructor

*Adult/child/infant CPR AED certified


After suffering from a compression fracture in my spine while on the Ball State University track team in 2002, I took nearly 11 years off from the active lifestyle.  It wasn't until joining a similar mother centric workout group in Savannah GA that my love for athletics was reawakened.  With the encouragement and training I received from the instructors and my friends I was able to run my first 5k, 10k, and half marathon, and hope to complete a sprint triathlon in 2015.  It is my goal to nurture friendship, encouragement, and a strong support system to Iron Moms, as well as planning fun butt kicking (carving!) workouts.


My inspiration are my 2 children, nicknamed 80 and LB.  80 was born prematurely and lives with cerebral palsy.  He inspires me daily.  Whenever I let myself believe that a workout hurts too much or that I'm tired and want to give up, I think about how much work and concentration he has had to put in to do tasks that I find simple.  He encourages me to stop whining and push myself further and faster.  LB is my youngest and her big beautiful brown eyes are always watching me!  She inspires me to show her what strength women have, to not make excuses, and to work hard to achieve your goals.


Our family is prior military.  We returned home to Houston after 10 years and 3 deployments.

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